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Forced Order
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1982And baby through the years, Even when we're old and grey, I will love you more each day
1993It just seemed like heaven, So why did it end
1973Only know where-ever I go, We're as close as two friends can be
1995Am I invisible 'cause you ignore me?
1987Just Hold Me Baby, And I'm In Ecstasy
2009I’m a light of your world, Runaway
1983Don't wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man
1995What about the common man, Can we set him free
1992This World Is Heavenly, Be GOD's glow
1988A willow deeply scarred, Somebody's broken heart, And a washed out dream
1995But first I need your hand, Then forever can begin
1983She came and stood right by me... She called me to her room
1980And I've Learned That Love Won't Wait... But I learned too late
1983Promise me we'll always be, Walking the world together
1983She knows I'm watching, She likes the way I stare
1971I've got to be there so she knows, That when she's with me she's home
1989Mind is like a compass, I'm stoppin' at nothin'
1989And Forever We'll Be True, I Love You...
2001Fulfill my dreams, And I'll be all you need
1982You are all the future, That I desire
1988But I hate sleepin' alone, Why don't you come with me
1973Take life easy, so easy nice and easy
1992This is injustice, woe unto thee
1979No Need For Rejection, Determined to Be
1971If you ever look behind, And don't like what you find, there's something you should know, you got a place to go

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