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1. What is the name of the official national anthem of the USA?
What is the capital city of Afghanistan?
Which two colours are on the flag of Poland?
In which country is Mount Everest?
Which Beatles leads the way on the front of the Abbey Road album cover?
What is the French word for ‘Tuesday’?
The German word ‘Luft’ translates into English as what?
Algophobia is a fear of what?
What is a chipolata?
Who was the Greek goddess of Love and Beauty?
In which Roald Dahl book does Grandma grow so big that her head breaks through the roof of the house?
In maths, what is 4 cubed?
Which chemical element has the symbol Ti?
Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on which planet?
what is Arachnophobia
What is the chemical symbol for gold?
How many wings does a bee have?
A ‘BCG’ is a vaccination against which disease
‘I throw my arms up in the air sometimes’. Lyrics from which 2010 hit?
The Titanic was built in which city?
What term is used for one-billionth of a second?
What is the profession of Indiana Jones?
Halloumi is a type of cheese originating from which island?
Who designed St. Paul’s cathedral?
Which actress won the 2012 series of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’?
Who is the host of ITV dating show ‘Take Me Out’?
Which is the 6th planet from the sun?
what song are the lyrics 'I want your everything as long as it’s free
Which is the longest bone in the human body?
‘Touch’, ‘Shuffle’, ‘Nano’ and ‘Classic’ are all types of what?

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