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Can you name the Cost of Monopoly Places?

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Forced Order
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Illinois AvenueRed
North Carolina AvenueGreen
Electric CompanyCompany
Virginia AvenuePink
St. Charles PlacePink
Indiana AvenueRed
Mediterranean AvenuePurple
New York AvenueOrange
Kentucky AvenueRed
Short Line Rail Road
States AvenuePink
Connecticut Light Blue
Pensylvania AvenueGreen
Tennessee AvenueOrange
Water WorksCompany
Blue BoardwalkDark Blue
B&O RailroadRail Road
Reading RailroadRail Road
Park Place Dark Blue
Marvin GardensYellow
St. James PlaceOrange
Atlantic AvenueYellow
Pacific AvenueGreen
Vermont AvenueLight Blue
Baltic AvenuePurple
Oriental AvenueLight Blue
Pennsylvania RailroadRail Road
Ventnor AvenueYellow

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