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Besides Andrew McMahon, the song-writer was...
True or False: 'Konstantine' was played at the Ventura Theater
What country was 'Songs for Silent Movies' released in
What band was Andrew playing for when he was diagnosed with leukemia
Josh Partington created a side project after SoCo broke up. Name that project
What instrument did/does Brian Ireland play
What member left the band after the release of North
What instrument did the above answer play
Specifically, where does SoCo consider 'home'
What was the name of SoCo's 10-track self-released album
Andrew McMahon claimed to have a PhD in what
How many songs, not including B-Sides and Bonus Tracks, are on North
What is Reuben's last name
Andrew played what style of piano while in SoCo? (Grand, Baby Grand, Upright, etc.)
Who was 'She Paints Me Blue' written for (according to the 'North' lyric booklet)
What song is responsible for the title 'Played in Space'
What band did SoCo cover as a Bonus Track on North (Hint: the song was Unravel)
What year was 'Leaving Through the Window' released
Clutch was SoCo's...
What is Clutch's real name?
Which SoCo member helped on William Tell's debut album
How many full-length records did SoCo release (according to Andrew)
What was the name of SoCo's first EP, which featured 3 songs which would be released later on a full-length
How many tracks are on Disc 1 of Played in Space
How many songs are on the unreleased 'Galaxy Sessions'
How many songs from Galaxy Sessions were released later (not including Heroine, which became Punk Rock Princess)
What was SoCo's 'smash hit'
Finish the lyrics: 'Your granddad left home...'
How many singles did SoCo release
What was the name of the band Andrew, Clutch, and Brian were in prior to SoCo

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