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QUIZ: Can you name the nicknames for the sport teams with helpline (type the number of the question then help)?

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1. The Red DevilsNamed after a local rugby team.
2. The FoxesLeciestershire's hunting tradition.
3. The HammersClub origin: Thames Ironworks
4. The AddicksNamed after a local fish and chip shop.
5. The TrottersTheir ground was next to a pig-pen and players had to 'trot' to get the ball.
6. The ClaretsColour of strip.
7.The CottagersClub ground: Craven Cottage
8. The RedsColour of strip.
9. The CanariesPopularity of canary breeding in Norfolk.
10. The Black CatsThe lucky black cat that helped them win the FA Cup.
11. The GunnersThe founders worked at an arms industry.
12. SpursShortened version of full name.
13. The TigersColour of strip.
14. The Tractor BoysLink to agriculture.
15. HoopsDesign of strip.
16. Monkey HangersThe citizens of the city hanged a monkey believing it was a spy.
17. Pensioners (a.k.a. the Blues)Link to a ... Pensioner.
18. PoshThe manager said he wanted posh players.
19. The RamsThe folk song ' The ... Ram.'
20. RiversidersThe stadium is near the river.

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