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Can you name the Eminem songs based on the title in more elegent terms?

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Scholarly Version of TitleSong Title
You definetly do not understand; my title is Shady, the Slim Shady.
By my troth, I must exit. I must purify and cleanse my otherwise foul and 'orrible wardrobe.
I do know, you see. I am a right wastrel, but those are the actions I shall always use. It is how I act.
Quick! Do send for a general practioner at the double. It is essential you do so.
I have given the United States of America a pale hue of white.
I am the preternatural. I am Clark Kent full in the lycra.
I shall be leave in a few seconds. But when I'm out of the room I want you to please remember me.
This place is pulchritudinous. It is just exquisite. It is such a shame they must demolish it though.
Send for my butler. Tell him to buy NASA's greatest. I want to explore galaxies and the unknown.
You look ravashing. That dress makes your posterior look fabulous.
I will wait for an eternity. I will wait a lifetime.
You little rascal. You do not understand. We created you.
I am in my automobile, and in the overtaking lane.
Detach yourself from life. You have just got to lose your body and mind.

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