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Can you name the That's So Raven facts?

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Who is Raven's male best friend?
Who is Raven's female best friend?
What is Raven's brother's name?
Who is Raven's boyfriend?
Who is Raven's boss?
What is the name of Eddie's next door neighbour who is obessessed with Raven?
What is the name of the little girl who Raven mentors?
Who is Cory's best friend?
Who is Cory's other best friend?
What is the name of Cory's band?
What is the name of Raven's favourite band?
What is Raven allergic to?
What is the name of Raven's dad's restaurant?
What is Raven's mom's job?
However in one episode what does Raven's mom come in to school to teach?
Raven cannot attend a concert because a chemical reaction caused her face to turn what colour?
Some of Raven's family did not talk to her family because of an argument over what object?
When Raven goes to make amends with her family where do they live?
Chelsea was upset when a tree at their school was chopped down, what had she named this tree?
What is the name of Cory's pet rat?
In attempt to capture the attention of a boy, Raven pretends to be a professional at which sport?
In what year did the show begin?
In what year was the finale?

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