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put your hands on his cash and spend it to the last dime, for all the hard times, OH
hey sista, go sista
in and out of love with you, i never loved someone
girl is on their way, where the bacardi at?
you get your fill to eat, but always keep that hunger
She acts like summer and walks like rain
it took awhile to get me in, and i'm gonna take my time
don't try and tell me that he's not my type
see i know that i've been a fool, for far to long
if you want to leave, i can guarantee you won't find
closer than my peeps you are to me baby
i'm closer to where i started, chasing after you
'bout to be VIP for the night
H to the ....
for giving me the best day of my life, and I want
you think i'm weak, but i think you're wrong
twisted and used up, knew a better life existed, but thought that i missed it
see the thing about you that caught my eye
boys and girls wanna hear a true story
well i don't know, if i'm ready, to be the man
if you're calling by my heart, it's still yours, i should have listened
she even caught me on camera
i can tell you're lying because when you're replying
could it be my baggy jeans, or my gold teeth, that make me different from ya'll
all my girls at the party, look at that body, shakin' that thing like you never did see
i apologize, more like a trillion times
in the club, on the late night, feeling right

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