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Amy's mother
Main character
Main character's twin son
The 'cookie lady's' real name
Amy's brother
In 'Halloween Candy' Frank dresses up as...
Main character's twin son
Main character's brother
Robert's puppet is called
Amy is played by...
Main character's mother
Debra's favourite book is...
Ray's middle name is...
Marie is played by...
Debra's father
Robert's middle name is...
Ray is played by...
Debra's mother
Amy's maiden name is...
Debra is played by...
The Barone family are supposedly which nationality
Main character's daughter
Ray and Robert's favourite pizzeria
Main character's wife
Robert's Italian girlfriend was called...
Robert is played by...
Frank is played by...
Main character's father
The main family's surname
Robert's wife
Amy's father

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