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Attack of the weaboos

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'kimochi warui'
attack of the flying cabbages
s k u n k e d
'because trauma induced by the zombie apocalypse was never this adorable'
'because a WWII tank sport was never this adorable'
'this show portrayed a black baseball player as an oni? japan being racist as usual'
'this show portrayed a black russian sushi chef as a... that's pretty badass actually'
'shoutouts to the after-school bunsen burner club'
'because christopher nolan watches more things than just anime guys'
'listen up you lowlives that will never amount to anything'
'you think white people probably find fart jokes really funny?'
'if you flash your stomach to strangers, they'll do more than just accept your apology'
'did he just... did he just feed his car cocaine pills?'
'what was the name of the train? sorry, could you say that again?'
m a d s c i e n t i s t
'girl stalks and confesses to tiny boy, labeled as 'little miss shotacon''
'yea you enjoy that glistening omlette you goddamn sl-'
'I traveled through time, not for her, but because goddamn that painting is sexy'
'because selling your child's organs to the mafia to fuel your gambling addiction isn't traumatizing at all'
'because love dodecahedrons are still too pointy'
'don't believe in yourself'
'when I go down I'm taking anime with me'
'spit is just a liquid man, why you judging'
'medieval slavery is a-okay if its with a tsundere'
'I practically have a PhD in manga now guys'
'I practically have a PhD in anime now guys'
'because I heard that one dank-ass snoop dogg remix'
'this anime is full of ordinary dialogue so that viewers can fully enjoy how cute the girls are'

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