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a masochistic wrestler, a nun and the undertaker walk into a room...
'never trust anybody online. especially if they're a sexy catgirl'
'it's not nationalistic if they like comiket'
the adult among us (highschoolers)
'remember the time when the mc stole a child because she was cute?'
'you can't jack off to the ghost of nikola tesla's daughter'
'you can't jack off to your grandma's ghost'
'you can't jack off to your loli vampire student'
'you can't jack off to a 60 year old ghost with amnesia'
'you can't jack off to 100 guys in a row'
'you can't jack off to your 10 year old boyfriend'
'you can't jack off to your 9 year old aunt'
'you can't jack off to dating sim characters'
'you can't jack off. period.'
edward can apparently be a girl's name. apparently
speaking of really short people
because 'your name' apparently didn't sell enough tears
nudisto BE-
twister, but 200% more fatal
cultural appropriation of fantasy worlds should not be left to the japanese
you cannot deny those frames on the knee-sock pull-up
''my friend' liked this one show where the string... where the string goes like... you know...'
''my friend' liked this one show where like... this hot alien girl came down and like... you know... dumb harem stuff hahaa...'
''my friend' liked this one show where the mc had to kiss girls to gain their powers... cause you know that makes sense... it's not like I like these shows it's my 'friend' man...'
''my friend liked this one show where these 2 siblings would play chess and it's really cool but there's some l-lewd stuff... b-be warned...'
'I love that show where the mc's sisters would fight over who gets to kiss. That show's super hot eh?'
'I also love that show where the mc does it with a younger effeminate looking du- actually no that stuff's gross'
'god is dead. but buddha and his boy are having a great time!'
'I'm sorry, but I have like 4 personalities and like 7 dads so I don't love you anymore'
when you try to find doujin of kiyoko, but instead discover the beautiful world of BL instead...
'because live-action can't be bad with scarlett johansson'
'I just wanted to grow up normally, it's not my fault some robot comes in to steal my alien girl'
'I just wanted to make a decent game, it's not my fault I fail at absolutely everything'
'I just ran over a dog man, it's not my fault some guy is whacking people over the head'
'I just wanted to settle in the new home, it's not my fault my parents turned into pigs'
'I just wanted to survive the machine-riddled apocalypse, it's not my fault they achieve sentience'
'walls aren't supposed to have boobs, but you can't assume anything in 2017 anymore'
'curtains aren't supposed t- wait what?'
'dragons/deities aren't supposed t-'
'heavy cruiser battleships aren't supposed t-'
'magical furry girl WWII airplanes aren't supposed t- well now you're just being ridiculous'
his greatest weakness is transportation because the show doesn't go anywhere
it couldn't get hotter unless they swam in molten butter and gotten 3rd degree burns
'you know what else is as soft as the mochi you make?'
'you know what else fits in the palm of your hand?'
'please apply for the game-making industry it's not brutal or anything see we have cute girls and yuri please'
'I can't believe it's not natto! or spicy curry!'
'why are there only 11 episodes in the show? because 12 couldn't make it'
'more like, absolute 'disaster' hahaa get it because nevermind I'm so sorry'
'more like, you should tattoo how bad this show was because... because it was terrible'

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