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Can you name all the characters of the vampire diaries from season 1 to 5

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Main protoganist of the show
Born in bulgaria and had a child out of wedlock
Stefan's doppleganger
Fell in love with his brother's girl twice
Elena's vampire ex
Use to do drugs
Vampire that was killed in klaus' blood sacrifice
One of Elena's best friend, she was a witch and the anchor to the other side.
Killed by katherine in season two
human, blue-eyed and Elena's first love
Matt's sister
Caroline's hybrid ex-boyfriend
History teacher by day vampire hunter by night
The town's sheriff
Tyler's dad
Former mayor of mystic falls
Died closing the tomb katherine wasn't in
Bonnie's ancestor and Katherine's former hand maiden
Stefan's best friend who helped him through his ripper phase
Jeremy's vampire ex
Elena's bilogical mom
Elena's uncle and dad
Alaric's doctor ex- girlfriend
Niklaus' brother who was killed by elena and jeremy
Pastor Young daughter
Damon and Stefan's ''uncle''
News reporter that dated jenna
A tomb vampire
Anna's mom
Matt and vicky's absentee mom
Got his heart ripped out by damon
Was killed by jules werewolf bite
Tricked bonnie to get the moonstone
Damon's girlfriend and food source
Werewolf that was used in breaking klaus' curse
A warlock that worked for klaus
Worked for klaus so he could get back his daughter
Died due to not completing transition
Original who hates his ''son''
she created the vampire species
Bonnie's mom
was kept daggered in a box for 900 years
killed by elena gilbert and a vampire hunter
manipulated bonnie so he could rise silas
The mystic falls new mayor after carol
vampire hunter and 'one of the five''
Former anchor to the other side
Spent all her life looking for her mother
kept damon, enzo and elena hostage to experiment on them
The creator of 'the other side'
Elena's friend who damon killed
Damon's murdurous buddy
The main antoganist of season 3
Known to always keep his word
The only female original
Had a one night stand with klaus
Leader of the travellers
Klaus' former protoge
Had a crush on caroline
Caused damon to be stuck on 'the other side'
Did a locator spell to find jeremy

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