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Who is the Queen Bee
Which liar is smart
Which liar is loyal
Which liar is admiring
Which liar is compassionate
Who buried Bethany Young
Which two liars dated Caleb
Which Rosewood High teacher dated Aria
Who is Spencer's mom
Who is Hanna's mom
Who is Aria's mom
Who is Emily's mom
Who is Alison's mom
Which town does Caleb meet Miranda
What is Noel's brother called
Who did the liars accidentally blind
Who is the brother of Alison and Spencer
Which crooked police officer was killed by Charlotte Dilaurentis
Which ex-boyfriend of Spencer's got engaged
Which relative of Emily's died while she was at college
Who is Hanna's best friend
What was the name of Melissa's unborn baby
Who was Melissa's fiance from London that had feelings for Spencer
Who is the producer of Pretty Little Liars
What is the name of the town PLL is set
How many romances did Emily have
Which parent had an affair with Jessica Dilaurentis
Who is Hanna's step-sister
Who is Aria's brother
Who helped alison while she was on the run
Who is Jessica Dilaurentis' twin
Who did Aria pretend to date while she saw ezra
Who turned out to be Spencer's real mom in the season 7 summer finale
Who pretended to be in the bunker when they were helping Charlotte as red coat
Which officer was given a note by A at Aria's photography event
Whose body is found dead at the end of season 2
Who is ezra's son
What high school club are Ian, Garrett and Jason in
Which two people dress up as Lady Gaga in a halloween episode
What is Mrs Grunwalds first name
What is the name of the town with the creepy doll shop
What is the full name of the brew
What does Toby's tattoo say
What is the name of the bird that sings a song to Spencer
What is Hanna's dad called
What is the mental institution called
Who pulled Hanna out of the ground
Who does Hanna think A is when she gets run over by a car
Who do the liars follow to a college frat party in season 1
What does Toby find buried in the Hastings backyard
What does N.A.T mean in english
Which page of Alison's autopsy report goes missing
What is ezra's favourite kind of pie
Who buried Alison
Who does Mona tell about her plan for a fake death
What does A put in Ella Montgomery's car
Who saved jenna from the fire at her house
Who does hanna dress as to the halloween ghost train party
What is Alison's alias
What is Ezra's real surname
What does aria order when she first meets Ezra
who lied about going to rehab
Which main character first made an appearance in s3 while pretending to be Alison
Who did the girls see for therapy
What did Aria's doll from A instruct her to do
Whose mom almost got run off the road by A
What was placed in wilden's casket
Who shot ezra in new york before being killed by Aria
What colour does Hanna add to her hair after Alison comes back to rosewood
Who does Spencer vandalise Hollis with
Who gives Emily an ultimatum
Who hit Bethany Young on the head
What is Caleb's dad called
What does Mike keep that belongs to mona after she dies
Whose blood was planted on Mona's clothes
What colour top is Alison forced to wear to save the liars from the dollhouse
Who punches sara harvey
What does Caleb refer to the big bad as
Whose body is found with Aria in the S3 Halloween episode
What relation is Charlotte to Alison

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