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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Neighbours?

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Which Australian city is Neighbours filmed in?Second largest city in Australia
What is the name of the fictional suburb that everyone lives in?Starts with an E
What is the name of the fictional street that everyone lives in?Starts with an R
In what year did Neighbours start airing on Channel 7?Think mid 1980s
True or False: Neighbours first changed networks in 1986
In what year was Neighbours 20th anniversary?The year after the Athens Olympics
In what year did the Kennedys arrive?Early 1990s
In what year did the Scullys arrive?Same year as the end of millennium party Scully house fire
Which famous singer played the role of Charlene Mitchell?'I Should Be So Lucky'
Which former Neighbours actor now has a starring role in the TV show House?He's a member of the Kennedy family
What is Libby Kennedy's profession?She has followed in her mother's footsteps
Who is the local lawyer?Has a nickname similar to a fish or a frog
What is Karl Kennedy's profession?He works in a hospital
What is the name of the local hotel chain?Paul Robinson owns it
Which former Neighbours actress had a Logie nomination for Most Popular Actress in 2011 for her role as Donna Freedman?The character recently left the street to go to a fashion school in New York
What is the name of the local pub/club?Named after Steph's son
What did Harold's used to be called before it burned down in 2005?I think I need a coffee
Who is Toadie's girlfriend now?She's a guide dog trainer
Which character recently pretended to be pregnant?Michael William's daughter
As of 2011 what channel is Neighbours on in Australia?The answer is actually somewhere in the question
Who owns the Erinsborough News?Lives in Number 22 with his son Andrew
In what year did Neighbours air its 6000th episode?Not that long ago
Who is Steph Scully's best friend?Susan & Karl's daughter
What time does Neighbours start to air during the weeknights in Australia?It comes on atter Sabrina The Teenage Witch & before Everybody Loves Raymond
Yes or no: Has Neighbours ever been filmed in the UK?
Who plays the role of Kate Ramsay?She was in a few episodes of H20:Just Add Water before she was on Neighbours
What is the name of the Kennedys bird?Rhymes with Karl
Jordy Lucas plays which Neighbours character?The character was also played by Marisa Siketa
What is the name of the local high school?It's also the name of the suburb
If I wanted to visit Kate & Sophie Ramsay what number house would I go to?It's next door to Paul Robinson

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