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Here comes, here comes everything that you want
Hell came to Earth, but I'll send it back
I'm just a good guy in a bad bad town
Demolitions our religion so light the fuse
We're taking it tonight, you got me burning like fire
It's gonna come and take everything you love away
We will, we will survive
Never give in, hope is all we have
No one can save us, no one can save us
Wash it all away, watch it all fade away in the night
LyricsSong Name?Album
I apologise for the summertime
What we've found is we don't need to wear your crown
Going in for the kill just like we always will
This isn't the first time, it won't be the last
You said, said that you'd be the girl
You said, you said, you said you wanted me
Its time to rise outside the lines that tie us to this ageing lie
Time is on your side
We won't take one more betrayal
I don't care what you're thinking, I don't care what you're saying

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