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Can you name the Being Human Series 4 trivia questions?

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Actor who plays Hal
Actor who plays Tom
Actress who plays Annie
Name of the werewolf and ghost Hal lived with at the start of the series?
What was Pearl's 'unfinished business'?
Name of the house where Hal, Tom and Annie live?
How did Michaela try to pay for her burger in episode 3?
What did the nemesis have on their arm?
What is The Scroll made out of?
How many episodes does Adam return for in this series?
What type of creature is Yvonne Bradshaw?
Who was Kirby known as when he was alive?
How did Kirby die?
Name of Toms werewolf girlfriend in episode 6?
Who kills Alex?
And who then drinks Alex's blood unknowningly?
Who kills Cutler in the last episode?
Who kills Eve in the last episode?
What was Annie's 'unfinished business'?

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