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number of days omicron persei 8 had gone with out invading earth
name of the monster in 'beast with a billion back'
name of toy designed by farnsworth which shoots rainbows from its eye's
the youngest son of mom
The man who said 'Welcome to the world of tomorrow!'
The only bubblegum with the breath freshening power of ham
'If we can hit that bullseye the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards,_______!'
The name of the man with no name
colonels secret recipe
The animals blood which fry suggested to grease the engine with
the finest cigars in the universe
the thing that judge whitey declared a mental illness
the thing benders suggested rock be sautéed in
who besides nixon has said '____ is back'
the robot that bender needed an upgrade to like
what is 'a bunch a' munch a' crunch a' human'
the number of hours the amphibiosans feel pain after death
what it said in the tape labeled 'snappy response'
what did fry assume the 'vice presidential action rangers' wanted to see
the thing roberto/king of cornwood was surprised an orc was not made of
the name of the man who discovered 'the cave of hopelessness'
the character that was going to boy hell (much nicer then girl hell)
the type of coffee fry got for his pre flight coffee enema
name of the germ in the episode 'a clone of my own'
name of the 60th president
the thing bender stepped on to give him three kinds of luck
the number eleven is greater than
how long beavers mate
where to go for quality carpets
philip j. fry's age

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