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Position/TeamNameYears Active
CB, Packers1961-1972
QB, Cowboys^1989-2000
Coach, Rams/Redskins1966-1978
RB, Raiders/Chiefs^1982-1997
WR, Chargers^1962-1972
DE, Bears1953-1969
DE, Giants1927-1936
CB, Lions1967-1977
RB, Redskins1932-1937
QB, Redskins*1937-1952
C/LB, Eagles1949-1962
Owner/Comissioner, Eagles/NFL1933-1959
LB, Chiefs1963-1974
WR, Colts^1955-1967
DE, Oilers1968-1983
Owner, Cardinals1933-1947
WR, Raiders1965-1978
QB/K, Bears/Oilers/Raiders^1949-1975
CB, Steelers^1970-1983
QB, Steelers^1970-1983
OT, Eagles1964-1973
RB, Browns^1957-1965
Coach/Owner, Browns/Bengals1946-1962, 1968-1991
OT, Giants1953-1965
CB, Broncos/Raiders^1963-1978
DT, Chiefs1963-1975
LB, Patriots/Dolphins1962-1976
LB, Bears^1965-1973
CB, Steelers1951-1959
RB, Oilers^1978-1985
RB, Packers1941-1952
LB, Giants1976-1988
TE, Raiders1974-1984
WR/Coach, Bulldogs1919-1928
S, Lions1951-1958
QB, Lions*1931-1938
LB, Bears1948-1955
QB/Coach, Cardinals1920-1930, 1940-1948
OL, Lions1950-1959
RB, Dolphins1968-1979
Owner, Raiders1963-2011
DE, Packers1958-1969
C, Steelers1988-2000
QB, Chiefs1957-1975
DE, Chargers/49ers1975-1985
Position/TeamNameYears Active
G, Bills/Browns1973-1985
DE, Bears1983-1997
RB, Rams/Colts^1983-1993
OT, Cardinals1971-1983
TE, Bears1961-1972
DT, Colts1950-1961
DE, Vikings1985-1999
RB, Cowboys^1977-1988
QB, Cardinals/Bears1919-1929
RB, Steelers/Redskins1942-1953
OT, Redskins1932-1940
DE, Vikings1964-1979
QB, Broncos^1983-1998
Coach, Colts/Jets1954-1973
RB, Colts/Rams^1994-2005
WR, Rams1948-1956
Adminstrator, Vikings/Bears1964-1992
Coach, Redskins1936-1949
DE, Browns1948-1958
G, Bears1936-1943
QB, Chargers^1973-1987
QB, Giants/Dodgers1927-1934
OL, Browns1946-1957
LB, Bears1952-1965
Coach, Redskins1981-1992, 2004-2007
RB, Giants1952-1964
Coach, Rams/Chargers1955-1974
QB, Browns1946-1955
RB, Bears*1925-1934
Coach, Vikings1967-1985
CB, Redskins^1983-2002
DT, Steelers^1969-1981
OT, Packers^1956-1971
QB, Dolphins1967-1980
G, Redskins1981-1991
OT/K, Browns1946-1967
RB, Bulldogs/Indians1919-1927
Coach/Owner, Bears*1920-1983
LB, Steelers^1971-1982
DT, Bears1979-1990
LB, Redskins1965-1978
G, Patriots^1973-1985
RB, Steelers^1972-1984
WR, Cowboys1965-1975
CB, Patriots/Raiders1976-1989
OT, Bears1920-1927
Position/TeamNameYears Active
C, Giants*1931-1945
LB, Colts/Raiders1969-1983
C, Bulldogs*1920-1928
QB, Packers1930-1945
WR, Bears/Eagles1932-1943
G, Browns1958-1973
RB, Packers1932-1945
WR, Rams1946-1957
RB, Packers1957-1966
S, Oilers/Redskins^1967-1980
OL, Giants/Packers*1927-1936
LB, Giants/Redskins1956-1969
Owner, Chiefs1960-2006
WR, Packers*1935-1945
WR, Cowboys1988-1999
LB, Saints1981-1995
CB, 49ers1961-1976
RB, 49ers/Steelers1954-1966
WR, Oilers/Bengals/Chargers1969-1986
DE, Rams^1961-1974
OL, Bears1954-1966
DT, Packers1957-1969
QB, Redskins1957-1974
QB, Bills^1986-1996
RB, Browns1964-1973
DT, Seahawks1990-2000
OL, Cardinals/Steelers1929-1938
OL, Dodgers1938-1947
S, Redskins/Vikings1964-1979
Coach, Packers*1919-1953
LB, Steelers^1974-1984
Coach, Cowboys^1960-1988
CB, Cardinals/Lions1952-1965
OL, Dolphins^1970-1981
LB, Chiefs1967-1977
WR, Seahawks^1976-1989
S, Lions1952-1964
WR, Browns1946-1956
QB, Lions/Steelers1948-1962
CB, Lions1959-1972
RB, Giants1936-1943
Coach, Bills1978-1997
DT, Cowboys^1961-1974
RB, Broncos1967-1975
G, Dolphins1967-1980
WR, Packers/Bills1978-1993
Position/TeamNameYears Active
Coach, Packers1959-1969
DE, Raiders1981-1993
S, 49ers^1981-1994
QB, Bears1939-1950
OL, Bears1922-1934
G, Rams1966-1978
TE, Colts1963-1972
Coach, Raiders1969-1978
Owner, Giants*1925-1959
Owner, Giants1937-2005
DE, Colts^1952-1966
QB, Dolphins^1983-1999
Owner, Redskins*1932-1969
RB, Patriots/Jets1995-2005
RB, Cardinals/Rams^1952-1966
OL, Oilers/Titans^1983-2001
WR, Jets1958-1973
RB, Bears1940-1950
OT, Browns1951-1962
G, Vikings1988-2001
WR, Eagles1957-1968
RB, 49ers^1952-1964
RB, Packers*1925-1938
OT, Packers1926-1937
WR, Redskins1936-1945
WR/RB, Browns/Redskins1958-1968
OT, Chargers1960-1971
WR, Redskins1980-1995
QB, 49ers^1979-1994
QB, Oilers^1984-2000
RB, Colts1956-1967
RB, Browns1946-1955
G, Oilers1982-1993
OT, Bengals^1980-1992
C, Bears1933-1944
RB, Bears*1930-1937, 1943
QB, Jets1965-1977
Coach, Eagles1941-1950
RB, Cardinals*1926-1931
TE, Browns1978-1990
LB, Packers^1958-1972
Coach, Steelers^1969-1991
DT, 49ers1950-1963
DT, Rams^1962-1976
C, Raiders^1960-1974
Coach, Giants1924-1953
Position/TeamNameYears Active
DT, Vikings1967-1981
QB, Dodgers1937-1946
G, Colts^1957-1967
RB, Bears^1975-1987
RB, 49ers1948-1963
WR, Eagles1947-1955
RB, Pros1919-1926
DT, Vikings1990-2003
Supervisor of Officials1938-1952
Owner, Rams1941-1971
S, Cowboys1964-1977
WR, 49ers^1985-2004
LB, Rams1954-1962
RB, Redskins1971-1985
C, Packers/Eagles1953-1967
OT, Saints/Chiefs1993-2005
DE, Giants1951-1964
Owner, Steelers1933-1988
Owner, Steelers1955-
NFL Films1964-1995
RB, Lions^1989-1998
CB, Falcons/Cowboys^1989-2005
TE, Lions1968-1977
RB, Bears^1965-1971
LB, Lions1953-1965
GM, Rams/Cowboys1947-1956, 1960-1988
DE, Buccaneers1976-1984
G, Bills1961-1969
TE, Broncos1990-2003
OT, Raiders1968-1982
Coach, Colts/Dolphins^1963-1995
RB, Bills^1969-1979
LB, Bears^1981-1992
OT, Rams^1976-1995
RB, Cowboys^1990-2004
DE, Bills^1985-2003
TE, Cardinals1963-1978
OT, 49ers1953-1963
WR, Steelers1974-1987
QB, Packers^1956-1971
QB, Cowboys^1969-1979
DT, Steelers1950-1963
K, Chiefs^1967-1985
C, Dolphins1980-1987
Coach, Chiefs1960-1977
Position/TeamNameYears Active
RB, Giants1929-1939, 1944-1947
OT, Bears1936-1946
WR, Steelers1974-1982
QB, Vikings1961-1978
WR, Redskins1964-1977
RB, Packers1958-1967
LB, Giants^1981-1993
LB, Chiefs1989-1999
CB, Chiefs1966-1978
RB, Bills1988-2000
RB, Bulldogs*1915-1928
LB, Patriots1982-1993
QB, 49ers/Giants1948-1964
OL, Bears1920-1932
RB, Cardinals1947-1955
S, Giants1948-1961
C, Bears1940-1952
QB, Colts^1956-1973
G, Raiders^1967-1981
QB, Rams/Eagles1949-1960
RB, Eagles1944-1951
RB, Lions1950-1955
Coach, 49ers1979-1988
WR, Browns/Dolphins^1964-1977
QB, Rams1945-1952
C, Steelers1974-1990
CB, Cardinals1969-1982
DT, Giants1948-1953
DT, Cowboys^1975-1988
DE, Eagles/Packers^1985-2000
LB, 49ers1964-1974
G, Browns1946-1953
S, Cardinals^1960-1972
Owner, Bills1959-
TE, Chargers1979-1987
C/LB, Lions/Eagles1938-1950
S, Packers1960-1971
CB/S, Steelers/Ravens^1987-2003
OT, Cowboys1967-1979
OT, Vikings1968-1982
QB, 49ers^1985-1999
DE, Rams1971-1984
OT, Vikings/Broncos1986-1997

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