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Used by Dumbeldore's Army for communication
Ron recieved this during his second year, in the Great Hall after almost being expelled
There are four of these total: Harry has one, Moody had two, and Barty Crouch Senior had one
Even Dumbledore needed this to make a street dark; later it was passed on to a certain 'red-head'
Was used by Malfoy to 'see' when he used Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
Used to attain immortality (not a potion)
All together, the unbeatable wand, the stone, and the cloak create...
Last known 'owner' of this item is Harry
Mirror that shows the owner's enemies; completely unreliable
Used by Filch to detect spells of concealment and hidden magical objects
Neville used these all the time; although, I do say, they never helped
Miniature glass-spinning top that emits shrill noises in the presence of deception
Has nine hands, however at one time all hands on this item point at 'mortal peril'
Similar to marbles; there was a club at Hogwarts for this
Used to score points in Quidditch
Picked contestants from three schools, unfortunately it pulled two names from one school
Fred and George Weasley used this to knock people off their brooms
This got 'swallowed' during book one
Hermione states that this game is 'totally barbaric'
Griphook was asked to say that this item was a 'fake'
This item burned Harry's hands and multipled times ten in a bank vault
This was the second to last 'soul' that was destroyed by Fiendfyre
Created by Nicolas Flamel
Shows person looking at it, what they truly desire
Sings a different song at the beginning of term
Sirius and James used these to communicate while in detention; Sirius gave Harry one after spending Christmas with him
Used to store and review memories; Harry 'dove' several times into this
After shaking this around, Hermione states 'damn, those would be the books'
Recieved by Harry as a birthday present from Hagrid, this item will open for no one except the owner
Mode of transportation that Harry prefers
This crashed into the Whomping Willow and Harry and Ron were almost expelled for using it
Usually an everday object, this item transports a person quickly from one spot to another
There is a set in the book; Fred and George used it when they forced Montague into it
With this transportation item, you must 'speak clearly' if you want to arrive at the correct destination
The conductor of this was disarmed by Harry in the 7th book
This contraption had dragon flames shoot out the back, a net, and a brick wall
How Hermione got to all her classes in the 3rd book
'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!'
Used by Rita Skeeter to twist the words of those's she's interviewing
Used by Ron to try and 'fix' his broken wand in the 2nd book
Magical brass binoculars used by Harry, Ron and Hermione in the fourth book during the Quidditch World Cup
This spells Ron's name as 'Roonil Wazlib' when the charm wears off
Of course, where would our witches and wizards be if they didn't have these to cast their spells?
Candies that are designed to sicken the eater in order to skive off lessons

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