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Forced Order
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Political party that built on Populist views
Journalists writing about corporate greed
wrote The Shame of the Cities to uncover corruption
wrote History of Standard Oil to uncover oil companies
wrote The Jungle to uncover the meatpacking industry
Head of NAACP, fought racism for his entire life
Result of opposition to suffragettes
She promoted the use of contraceptives
Constitutional Amendment granting women's right to vote
Wisconsin Progressive governor
Way for voters to propose new laws
Way for public to vote on new laws
Way for voters to remove officials from office before the end of their term
Most prominent Progressive leader
Monopoly-preventing piece of legislation
First to successfully use Sherman Antitrust Act, called trustbuster
Amendment for national income tax
Amendment for direct election of senators
President who implemented 16th and 17th Amendments
third progressive president
1912 election ticket
The differences between Wilson and Roosevelt were similar to...
Roosevelt's name for his policies
Wilson's name for his policies
Era that marked turning point with increased government intervention
Wilson created...
Wilson enforced...
End of Progressive movement marked by...
Roosevelt forced Cuba into accepting the...
Roosevelt's Congress approved a canal in...
Latin American instability was reason for the US to intervene to reduce the threat to American stability
US' stance on World War I when it broke out (Wilson)
England's strategy to win the war
Germany's main war technology
Semi-American Passenger ship sunk by the Germans
Second passenger liner sunk by the Germans
Addition to neutrality after German attacks on passenger vessels
HintAnswerOther Info
Message intercepted by Britain from Germany that induced war
Government organization coordinating industrial and agricultural production
Legislation curtailing civil liberties (starts with E)
Legislation curtailing civil liberties (starts with S)
Most notable case where Supr. Court held up Espionage Act
Increased paranoia over communism
Government agency to protect against radicals
Government intervention in response to strikes and unions
Wartime propaganda committee
Wilson's guiding plan for negotiations
Center of conflict between Wilson and Congress
Wilson's political nemesis
The govenment became more...after World War 1
Harding's administration - bribery by oil companies
Concept of offering benefits to reduce demands and unions
Consumer product at the heart of the nation's spirit
Moving away from city centers, this new living style was born
Second most important innovation
Industry that had never recieved growth before
The new image of the American woman in the 20s
Popular pastime of Americans in the 20s
Writers who moved back to Europe because they were out of touch with modernity
Largest black neighborhood in NYC with cultural invigoration
Major Black cultural development
Two Italian immigrants who were executed without evidence
Legislation that set quotas on immigration
Man who broke the rule about teaching evolution in school
attorney for Scopes who ran for president later on
Amendment outlawing drinking
Towns built by the homeless during the depression
Prolonged drought in the midwest
Association for farmers who organized demonstrations
Tariff that Hoover implemented with the hope that raised tariffs would help business
Impoverished veterans who came to lobby for veterans bill
Hoover's opponent in 1933
Roosevelt's sweeping reforms
Result of Emergency session of Congress
HintAnswerOther Info
2 years after the first New Deal
Legislation aimed towards reestablishing confidence in banks
Created the FDIC
Payment to farmers to cut production in half
Loans to farmers in danger of foreclosure
Consolidated businesses, coordinated activities
3 billion dollars for jobs
Grants to states for PWA projects
The government took over the...increasing operations greatly
Group opposing higher tax rates from New Deal, government intervention, and relief programs
Group opposing not paying farmers, pro-business policies
Attempt to increase size of court
Creation of jobs - Second New Deal
Summer of 1935
Retirement benefits for workers in Second New Deal
Second attempt at packing courts
Gathering of eight world powers
Pact of 62 nations against war
United States backing away from intervention in Latin America (or intervened less obviously)
High tariffs
Act allowing president to reduce tarriffs if he thought it needed
Countries eligible for lowest tariff rates
Commision's report about corrupt activities by manufacturers
Prevention of war by Congressional legislation
American lending of arms to England
meeting of Roosevelt and Churchill
Japan-Italy-Germany alliance
First meeting of big three in Iran, the main point of the meeting was to plan...
permitted government takeover of business if necessary
Enlisted to create propaganda films...
Peacetime Draft of World War 2
Japanese internment was justified in this court case
Meeting at end of the war by the Allied leaders
Division of Eastern/Western Europe later leading to the Cold war
Organization created for future disputes
Last meeting about implementation of Yalta objectives

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