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Actor/ActressMovie Title
Robert Downey Jr.
Dev Patel
Christian Bale
Mickey Rourke
Brad Pitt
Frank Langella
Ben Burtt
Philippe Petit
Sean Penn
Ben Stiller
Richard Jenkins
Kate Winslet
Karl Markovics
Scarlett Johansson
Juliette Paskowitz
Paul Rudd
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Meryl Streep
Colin Farrell
Jack Black
Leonardo DiCaprio
Rolling Stones
Brian Keith Allen
Sally Hawkins
Clint Eastwood
Actor/ActressMovie Title
Adi Carauleanu
Josh Peck
Seth Rogen
Lina Leandersson
Zachary Andrew
Anne Hathaway
Jim Carrey
Benson Lee
Hannah Bailey
Jason Segel
Bill Maher
Andrew Garfield
Seth Rogen
Angelina Jolie
Viggo Mortensen
Keira Knightley
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
Josh Brolin
Zofia Brooks
John Travolta
Jason Statham
Meryl Streep
Frances McDormand
Harrison Ford

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