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QUIZ: Can you name the Netflix Top 100 Movies?

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Actor/ActressMovie TitleYear
Sandra Bullock2005
Leonardo DiCaprio2006
Jack Nicholson2007
Will Smith2006
Tommy Lee Jones2007
Daniel Craig2006
Abigail Breslin2006
Leonardo DiCaprio2006
Brad Pitt2008
Ryan Gosling2004
Robert Downey Jr.2008
Cate Blanchett2006
Anne Hathaway2006
Joaquin Phoenix2005
Brad Pitt2005
Christian Bale2007
Don Cheadle2005
Cameron Diaz2006
Heath Ledger2008
Denzel Washington2006
Tom Hanks2007
Denzel Washington2006
George Clooney2007
Tom Hanks2006
Steve Carell2008
Ellen Page2007
Seth Rogen2007
Edward Norton2006
Mark Wahlberg2007
George Clooney2005
Casey Affleck2007
Matthew McConaughey2006
Matt Damon2004
Hilary Swank2004
Actor/ActressMovie TitleYear
Denzel Washington2007
Will Ferrell2006
Helen Mirren2006
Forest Whitaker2006
Adam Sandler2006
Leonardo DiCaprio2004
Hugh Jackman2006
Ben Stiller2006
Will Smith2008
Will Smith2007
Nicolas Cage2004
Harrison Ford2008
Kevin Costner2006
Hilary Swank2007
Keanu Reeves2006
Matt Damon2007
Owen Wilson2005
Emile Hirsch2007
Frances McDormand2008
Harrison Ford2006
Dev Patel2008
Matt Damon2006
Shia LaBeouf2007
Kate Hudson2008
Johnny Depp2004
Angelina Jolie2008
Bruce Willis2007
Ralph Fiennes2005
Christian Bale2005
Ziyi Zhang2005
Katherine Heigl2007
Jennifer Aniston2005
Shia LaBeouf2008
Sean Penn2003
Actor/ActressMovie TitleYear
David Strathairn2005
Denzel Washington2004
Jennifer Aniston2006
Jodie Foster2005
Anthony Hopkins2007
Daniel Day-Lewis2007
Meryl Streep2008
Nicolas Cage2007
Ryan Phillippe2006
Leonardo DiCaprio2008
Paul Giamatti2004
Keira Knightley2007
Kevin Costner2007
Will Smith2008
Will Smith2005
Jamie Foxx2004
James McAvoy2008
Steve Carell2007
Clint Eastwood2008
Robert Pattinson2008
Johnny Depp2006
George Clooney2007
Sacha Baron Cohen2006
Gerard Butler2007
Will Ferrell2006
Johnny Depp2003
Reese Witherspoon2005
John Travolta2007
Ryan Phillippe2007
Jamie Foxx2007
Diane Keaton2007
Al Gore2006

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