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Can you answer these Archie Comics questions to get to the bottom of the Archie Bunker?

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What is Reggie's last name? A) Smith B) Mantle C) Cabot D) Lodge1
What is the name of Jughead's dog? A) Hot Dog B) Spot C) Ruff D) Scooby Doo2
Which was NOT a pop song by The Archies? A) Jingle Jangle B) Bang-Shang-A-Lang C) Kish Kosh Kissin’ D) Sugar Sugar3
What are the names of Sabrina’s aunts? A) Pepper & Melody B) Sabine & Hillary C) Maxine & Mallory D) Zelda & Hilda4
Archie made his first appearance in which title? A) Archie B) Laugh C) Jughead D) Pep5
Veronica played what instrument in 'The Archies'? A) Drums B) Bass Guitar C) Keyboard D) Saxophone6
Which of these was never an Archie title? A) Archie’s Mechanics B) Archie’s Super Cool Jalopy C) Archie’s TV Laugh-Out D) Archie’s RC Racers7
What is Jughead's real first name? A) Forsythe B) Langston C) Josepth D) Julius8
Moose was diagnosed with what disorder? A) Partial deafness B) Allergies to dogs C) Insomnia D) Dyslexia9
What spy spoof did the gang star in? A) Andrews, Archie Andrews, 0007 B) Mission: Unpossible C) The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. D) I Spy Archie10
What longtime Archie artist created 'Josie and the Pussycats'? A) Don Parent B) Dan DeCarlo C) Bob Montana D) Stan Goldberg11
What is the name of Riverdale High's newspaper? A) The Bugle B) Riverdale High Times C) The Tribune D) Blue & Gold12
What company released an Archie trading card set in 1992? A) Skybox B) Upperdeck C) Topps D) Donruss13
Who founded MLJ Comics and is generally considered the creator of Archie Andrews? A) John Goldwater B) Michael Siberkleit C) Vic Bloom D) Bob Montana14
Who is the science teacher at Riverdale? A) Mr. Flutesnoot B) Mr. Malcolm Meeks C) Ms. Burble D) Mr. Grimley15

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