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Can you name the movie from the three keywords describing it?

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Key wordsMovie
Mafia 🎬 Crime family 🎬 Patriarch
Wormhole 🎬 Father daughter relationship 🎬 Space travel
Ark of the covenant 🎬 Nazi 🎬 Archaeologist
Bus 🎬 Bomb 🎬 Rescue
Haunted hotel 🎬 Identical twins 🎬 Labyrinth
Illuminati 🎬 Reference to Bernini 🎬 Reference to Raphael
Hidden camera 🎬 Simulated reality 🎬 Controlled environment
Vietnam war 🎬 Amputee 🎬 War hero
Golf 🎬 Grandmother's house 🎬 Golf ball
Time travel 🎬 DeLorean 🎬 Future
Key wordsMovie
Motel 🎬 Money 🎬 Shower
Trapped in a time loop 🎬 Time loop 🎬 Cult film
Mission 🎬 Spy 🎬 Stealing
Great Barrier Reef 🎬 Short term memory loss 🎬 Shark
Survival 🎬 Talking to inanimate object 🎬 Island
Boxer 🎬 Training 🎬 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Christmas Eve 🎬 Christmas 🎬 Hostage
Scotland 🎬 14th Century 🎬 Tyranny
Museum 🎬 Museum of Natural History 🎬 Watchman
Dinosaur 🎬 Theme park 🎬 Survival

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