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Can you name the movies that link each of the following groups of three characters?

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Larry Daley 🎬 Easter Island Head 🎬 Dr McPhee
Raymond 'Ray' Babbitt 🎬 Charles 'Charlie' Babbitt 🎬 Dr Bruner
Gilderoy Lockhart 🎬 Vernon Dursley 🎬 Fred Weasley
Manny 🎬 Sid 🎬 Diego
Jack Dawson 🎬 Rose DeWitt Bukater 🎬 Caledon Hockley
Chubbs 🎬 Shooter McGavin 🎬 Virginia Venit
Ethan Hunt 🎬 Solomon Lane 🎬 Benjamin 'Benji' Dunn
Benjamin Franklin Gates 🎬 Dr Abigail Chase 🎬 Riley Poole
John McClane 🎬 Hans Gruber 🎬 Holly Gennaro-McClane
Chuck Noland 🎬 Kelly Frears 🎬 Wilson
Agent J 🎬 Agent K 🎬 Agent Zed
Sam Wheat 🎬 Molly Jensen 🎬 Oda Mae Brown
Charlie Bucket 🎬 Veruca Salt 🎬 Violet Beauregarde
Peter Venkman 🎬 Raymond 'Ray' Stantz 🎬 Egon Spengler
George McFly 🎬 Dr Emmett Brown 🎬 Biff Tannen
Betty Rizzo 🎬 Sandy Olsson 🎬 Frenchy
Marv Merchants 🎬 Harry Lime 🎬 Buzz McCallister
Raoul Silva 🎬 Eve Moneypenny 🎬 Gareth Mallory
Jenny Curran 🎬 Bubba 🎬 Lt Dan Taylor
George Bailey 🎬 Mary Hatch Bailey 🎬 Clarence Odbody

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