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Can you name the literary works that link each of the following groups of three characters?

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Captain Ahab πŸ“š Ishmael πŸ“š Queequeg
Lennie Small πŸ“š George Milton πŸ“š Curley's Wife
The Three Witches πŸ“š Banquo πŸ“š King Duncan
Charlie Bucket πŸ“š Augustus Gloop πŸ“š Mike Teavee
Napoleon πŸ“š Snowball πŸ“š Squealer
Atticus Finch πŸ“š Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch πŸ“š Boo Radley
Piscine Molitor Patel πŸ“š Santosh Patel πŸ“š Richard Parker
Miss Havisham πŸ“š Philip 'Pip' Pirrip πŸ“š Estella
Nick Carraway πŸ“š Daisy Buchanan πŸ“š Tom Buchanan
Heathcliff πŸ“š Catherine Earnshaw πŸ“š Edgar Linton
Mr Darcy πŸ“š Elizabeth Bennet πŸ“š Charles Bingley
Jean Valjean πŸ“š Cosette πŸ“š Javert
Mercutio πŸ“š Tybalt πŸ“š Friar Lawrence
Captain Nemo πŸ“š Ned Land πŸ“š Prof. Pierre Aronnax
Eva Smith/Daisy Renton πŸ“š Arthur Birling πŸ“š Gerald Croft
Katniss Everdeen πŸ“š Peeta Mellark πŸ“š Haymitch Abernathy
Ophelia πŸ“š Yorick πŸ“š Gertrude
Robert Langdon πŸ“š Jacques SauniΓ¨re πŸ“š Sophie Neveu
Big Brother πŸ“š Winston Smith πŸ“š Emmanuel Goldstein
Estragon πŸ“š Pozzo πŸ“š Lucky

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