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What is the collective name for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?
Which country has a flag consisting of just red, white and green vertical stripes
How many countries end in '-stan'?
In which US state would you find the Grand Canyon?
What was the name given to the supercontinent where all land mass was joined together?
Which river runs through the capital of France?
Which modern day country was formerly called Abyssinia?
What is the world second highest mountain?
What is the name of the canal linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea?
In which modern day county would you find the ruins of Petra?
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What is the most southerly capital city?
What is the world largest ocean?
Which volcano destroyed Pompeii when it erupted in AD 79?
What is the name of the earthquake prone fault running through California?
What is the state capital of Massachusetts?
What is the name of the scale used to measure the intensity of earthquakes?
In which country would you find Angel Falls?
What does GDP stand for?
What is the currency of Japan?
What is the capital of Australia?

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