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Mediterranean island belonging to France
Insect used to make a crimson dye.
British actor whose film credits include Fever Pitch and Love Actually.
High School in Colorado, site of the 1999 mass shootings.
Metallic element, atomic no. 27.
Change in phase of matter from gas to liquid.
Oldest recorded town in Britain, and its first capital.
Historical name for tuberculosis
Political and social philosophy promoting the maintenance of traditional institutions.
Mutual relation of two or more things.
Variety of brandy named after a town in France.
The study of the structure and changes of the universe.
Criminal brotherhood aka the Mafia.
Fourth-largest city in Germany.
Hot beverage which originated in Ethiopia.
North American cattle herder.
Toothpaste brand.
Long-running British soap opera.
Song performed by Cliff Richard at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest.
Term applied to the arrangement whereby non-married, long-term couples live together.
Euphemism for a prostitute or escort.
Process by which blood forms clots.
Tropical country on the Central American isthmus.
Historical term for a shoe-mender.
World's largest beverage manufacturer.
Document amending a previously executed will.
Viscous brown or black liquid used to make soap.
Autoimmune disorder of the small intestine.
2000 film based on a bar of the same name in New York City.
Popular shopping and tourist area in London, centered upon a former fruit market.

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