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Can you name the Resident evil 4 horror?

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villagers from the village of Pablo 
bugs that take over the human body 
a blind monster with claws 
Plagas infected wolves 
flying bug found first in the sewers 
Suits of Armor 
incountered in the lab 
Regenerator covered with spikes 
Crossbow, rod 
Masked man with chainsaw 
women with chainsaws 
Giant lake monster 
Village Chief 
'my right hand' 
unfossilized the bugs 
los illuminados leader 
soldier with a gatling gun 
monk type people 
Sword arm, TMP, bow 
wants the sample for himself 
helps the main character 
the one you must rescue 
special agent for the president 
returning from re2 for mercenary mode 
speaks on the radio 
a researcher 
flys the helicopter 
sells you items 
Weapon Handgun
Starting weapon 
Foreign Handgun 
once powered up able to shoot through multiple enemies 
Able to buy this handgun once you have entered the castle 
Bullets of a handgun speed of a TMP 
Weapon Rifle
Bolt action weapon 
better than the bolt action version 
Weapon Shotgun
able to get once in the village 
able to buy in the sewers 
Weapon Magnum
six shooter 
stronger magnum 
Weapon Machine Gun
sub machinegun 
special machinegun 
Weapon Explosive
shoots mines 
shoots one special shot 
shoots one shot 
Weapon Magnum
special magnum 
Weapon Extra
shoots bolts 
shoots exploding arrows 
a lazor gun 
Weapon grenade
when thrown it blows up enemys 
when thrown it blinds enemys 
when thrown it burns enemys 

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