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QUIZ: Can you name the superheroes based on their origin stories?

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Forced Order
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A boy is taught how to draw oxygen from the water and use the power of the sea from his undersea exploring father.
After watching his parents murdered, a young boy vowed to avenge their death and clean up his cities streets.
A woman is born from clay by the Queen of the Amazons and was imbued with the powers of the Greek and Roman gods.
A young boy is exposed to harsh chemicals that leave him blind but heighten his other senses.
A boy ran away from home to the circus where he trained with a bow and arrow.
A baby who was sent from his doomed homeworld, landed on earth and realized he had extra-ordinary abilities that humans did not.
A teenager was bitten by a radioactive spider while attending a public science exhibit.
A former marine watched his family murdered after witnessing a Mafia execution. He sought vengeance and has since become a vigilante, waging a one-man war on crime.
After drinking the concentrated form of a rare fruit, a young scientist is able to stretch his body to extra-ordinary proportions.
A pilot that was selected for his fearlessness and honesty was chosen to bear a ring passed onto him from a dying alien.
A physicist finds a meteor fragment and uses it develop a special lens that causes whatever it's focused upon to shrink.
A mutant undergoes an experiment where his bones are laced with adamantium.
A young boy watches his parents die in an 'accident'. He is then trained into crime-fighting by a man with a similar past.
After making a deal with the devil, a man is cursed with being bonded to a demonic force at night.
An aliens homeworld was decimated by a telepathic plague. After finding justice for this plague, the alien is randomly brought to earth where he found a new kinship.
After their ship is bombarded with cosmic radiation, a group of space explorers is given outstanding abilities.
Led to a deep underground cavern by a stranger, an orphan boy was chosen to be a successor of god-like powers by an old wizard.
After being captured by an Asian warlord, a man built a special suit to help him escape. After escaping, he refined his suit and became...
Desperate to save his home planet, a hero was forced to become a herald for a world eater and was transformed into a cosmic-powered super being.
Trying to save a teenager from a gamma explosion, a scientist was instead caught in a blast that gave him ravaging powers.
Used as a pawn by a villain, a man is given the power to telepathically communicate with birds.
A prison inmate was subjected to a cell-regeneration experiment. After an accident he was given super strength.
A mutant scientist took a hormonal extract to prevent his superior from stealing it. The extract gave him super human strenght and agility, as well as fur, fangs, and pointy ears.
A scientist discovered a way in which he could manipulate particles through magnetic fields. He tested the serums on himself and found he could shrink to half inch size.
A pilot vowed to help his friend while he dealt with alcoholism. After experiencing mental problems, the pilot was introduced to his own special suit.
A thief trying to escape from a failed robbery, was shot by a guard and his wound was doused with experimental chemicals. After waking he found his body had rubber like tendencies.
A scrawny young man hoping to enlist in the army, was turned down until he was offered the chance to take part in Operation: Rebirth.
A forensic scientist was given powers after he was splattered by a case of chemicals after it was struck by lightning.

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