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PhraseMissing PieceDefinition
walnuts and _____ you plant for your heirs
Time and _____ wait for no man
don't teach your ______ to suck eggs
a rolling ____ gathers no moss
all _____ is good _____
don't cast your _____ before swine
A little _____ is a dangerous thing
a ____ may look at a king
out of _____ out of mind
Power corrupts; _____ power corrupts _____
He who can, does; he who cannot, _____
love is _____
He who _____ last _____ longest
let not the _____ go down on your wrath
A drowning man will clutch at ______
PhraseMissing PieceDefinition
a fool and his _____ are soon parted
Many a true word is spoken in _____
hell hath no fury like a _____ scorned
Keep your ____ up
_____ and _____ alike
don't count your ______ before they hatch
a _____ always rots from the head down
The course of true _____ never did run smooth
a _____ key will open any door
all that _____ is not gold
Nothing is certain but death and ______
Fight ____ with _____
don't throw the _____ out with the bath water
don't keep a dog and _____ yourself
_____ oaks from little acorns grow

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