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Right, ____ comes first!
We're gonna have a ____ _____.
Hey it's my two favorite people and _____.
What's happening Derek, I thought we were friends.My name is _____
Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of ______.
_____ ______ _____.Taka the fielda.
Whoo! _____ in the air!
They're like 4-foot whirling dervishes. I don't even know what a whirling ______ is but that's what they're like.
That's like the little jackal from _____!
Remember when you called us out to the feild and you __ ______?
Every time you say something back to me, it makes me____ you more!
Well, if it isn't Porkface Jones. I can eat a box of ____ tonight.
I eat _____ and spit out their bones!
Be warned, __________! You're in the show, now!
You're supposed to back me up and go get me _____ whenever I want.
Could the blacksmiths and ______ makers not make it?
SHUT UP OUT THERE! ____ _____ _____ _____ ____!
Did you just______ your son? .. yeah.
Dad, you're getting a little creepy, i know lets bay at the ____.
I don't like ______! It's a vasoconstrictor!
And I wasn't gonna say anything, but I think some of them may have salmonella. A fair amount, in fact. I may have inadvertently _____ your children.
It's a little early to start playing _____ Phil.
I'm new to coffee... I was wondering if you could mix half of the _____ _______ with half of the decaffinated version?
ohhhh a _______ whats that?
What is that haunting ______?
I am angry. I'm like a large _____ of anger, swirling about.
do you have ______?
You just ease up there on your ________.
you know, I like to keep my _____ _____ strong
I was breaking my _____ for you coach because of my love for the game.

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