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Hintyour Answer
How old was Emma when she gave birth to Henry?
How old was Snow when she gave birth to Emma?
Who is the actress that plays the marvelous Emma?
What is Emma's last name?
Who plays the handsome David Nolan/Prince Charming?
Who is the actress plays the role perfectly for Snow White
Who is Doctor Whale in the Enchanted Forest?
What does Ashley name her daughter?
Where does Henry go to think?
Who gave Henry the fairytale book?
What role does Lana Parrilla have in Once Upon A Time?
What is the name of the episode where Kathryn was first introduced?
What confession did Snow make to Charming in the Underworld?
Why did Zelena want to back in time to kill Snow's mom?
Who said it? 'You can call me mom if you want, you've done it before.'
Who plays the unbelievably handsome Captain Hook?
Who said it? 'You'd think the mayor would know her own town'
What is Baby Robin's cursed name?
August W. Booth is played by....
How many people travelled through the portal with Emma as a baby?
Who killed Daniel?
Why does Regina despise Mary Margaret?
How old was Snow when she told Regina's secret?
His children were banished to live in the Infinite Forest
Where is Belle in her first appearance
Hintyour Answer
Belle is played by who?
What is Rumplestiltskin's cursed name?
Who plays Rumple?
Who is Rumple's father?
Who plays Rumple's father(young version)
Who is Regina's mother?
Who is Henry named after?
Who fell in love with a fairy?
Why did Kathryn slap Mary Margaret?
Who said it? 'My parents didn't even bother to drop me off at a hospital!'
Is this the BEST show EVER in HISTORY?
Why did Emma give Henry up?
What did August carry around in his box?
Who is Henry's father?
What did Snow find out after a year's memory was erased?
How old would the baby be when Snow would recognize funny again?
Who is Snow's father?
Who is Snow's mother?
Who was the servant that worked in Snow's castle?
Fill in the blank: 'I will_______find you'
What did Rumple do with the hairs from Charming and Snow
Emma is the what?
Who is the loyalest Lost Boy?
What were the running years of this show?
If I am 14 now, how old was I when Once Upon A Time first aired?(Disregard month)

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