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This family was very influential in Florence during the Renaissance
In 1516 his agreement gave the French King the right to select bishops
The Sack of Rome in 1527 is sometimes referred to as the end of this era
This person invented the printing press
Pico della Mirandola wrote about man's ability to reason in his work...
This woman was a feminist and the author of The Treasure of the City of Ladies
Desiderius Erasmus is famous for writing...
The Treaty of Tordesailles split the New World between...
This man conquered the Aztecs in 1521
During the Protestant Reformation, these people strongly supported the 3 Solas
In 1521 Martin Luther made his famous speech 'Here I stand' at...
This gave protestants the right to worship in the Holy Roman Empire in 1555
During the English Reformation, those who were secretly practicing other religions where called...
The Catholic Reformation inspired this style of art
This man fought the Duke of Alva during the Spanish Revolt of the Netherlands
This man is referred to as the Winter King
In 1688, this event restored William and Mary to the throne of England
This Pole lead the rescue of Vienna
This is the name for the Prussian nobles
This is the belief that God created the world as a machine
This person started the theory of crystalline spheres
'I think therefore I am'
This man is famous for saying 'Lets eat a Jesuit!' and for his work Candide
This man is known as The Skeptic
This man developed the idea of separate spheres for men and women
Maria Teresa's right to the Austrian throne was secured by...
During the French Revolution, this man believed he was incorruptable
The draft of all men in France from ages 18-25 was called...
This man led the conspiracy of equals
This group was developed during the Congress of Vienna in order to renounce war and protect the Christian religion
David Ricardo developed this law
John Wesley developed this sect of Christianity
This event sparked the Franco-Prussian war
British socialists were called...
The end of WWI was marked by this Treaty
France invested time and money into this before WWII in order to avoid another German invasion
The Reichstag Fire in was blamed on...
The Nazis were tried during the...
This man was an evil dictator of Russia..I mean Uncle Joe!

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