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A tool to overcome the limitations of short-term memory
General mental capability including ability to reason, plan, and solve problems
The ability to store and retrieve information
Converting physical energy into neural signals that the brain can decode
Images, thoughts, sounds, and voices experienced during sleep
Information that may be perceived but is not encoded or stored
Certain life experiences that are banished from consciousness but may affect decision-making
Internal processes that you can never become aware of
Things that you can become aware of from your past only with prompting
All of your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, images, and desires at a given moment
A general state of mind
The process of apprehending objects in the environment
Purposefully leaving out information about an experiment to a participant to get valid results
The practice of notifying participants about an experiment before it begins
Research participants that match the characteristics of the entire set of individuals in a group
The entire set of individuals in any given group
The subset of an entire group of individuals chosen as participants in research
A practice where neither experimenter nor participant knows the goals of the research
When participants who are told they are receiving treatment but do not experience altered results
A reason other than the purposeful change that can impact the results of an experiment
Using uniform procedures through all aspects of an experiment
The ability of an experiment to report correctly on the information it promises to study
An error due to the motives/expectations of the viewer
The participants in an experiment that are not exposed to a purposeful change
An aspect of an experiment that must remain the same for all participants
The aspect of an experiment that responds to the purposeful change made by the experimenter
The aspect of an experiment that is purposefully changed by the researcher
The belief held by a researcher on the outcome of an experiment
Different structures for collecting data on a specific topic in psychology
The scientific study of the behavior of individuals and their mental processes

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