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Can you provide the missing words for these terms from US law?

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____ of risk - torts defenseA
____ of proof - duty to prove disputed factsB
____ 11 - reorganization bankruptcyC
Alternative ____ Resolution - a method to settleD
____ doctrine - applied by federal courts in diversity jurisdiction casesE
____ use - permits certain uses of copyrighted workF
____ negligence - type of culpabilityG
Clean ____ - equitable defenseH
Sovereign ____ - doctrine that state cannot be suedI
Res ____ - matter already adjudicatedJ
Motion in ____ - to exclude evidence before trialL
Meeting of the ____ - element of contract formationM
Contributory ____ - torts defenseN
Temporary Restraining ____ - short-term injunctionO
____ evidence rule - prevents extrinsic evidenceP
'____ for a day' - proffer agreementQ
Mens ____ - mental element of a crimeR
Respondeat ____ - party is responsible for its agentsS
Fruit of the Poisonous ____ - evidence obtained illegallyT
____ Competition - wrongful business methodsU
____ Dire - jury selection processV
____ of Habeas Corpus - requiring government to bring a prisoner before the courtW
____ Honor - proper way to address a judge in courtY
____ of danger - foreseeable area of harmZ

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