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Can you provide the missing six-letter words from these names and terms in history?

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____ Way - ancient Roman roadA
Mutiny on the ____ - 1789B
Hernán ____ - conquistadorC
Charles ____ - 'On the Origin of Species'D
____ Muhammad - Nation of Islam leaderE
____ of the Earls - 1607F
____ Horde - khanate c. 1240s–1502G
____ Renaissance - 1920s cultural movementH
____ Marcos - First Lady of the PhilippinesI
____ Caesar - Roman dictatorJ
Bleeding ____ - anti-slavery conflict 1854–1861K
____ van Beethoven - composerL
____ Passage - part of Atlantic slave tradeM
____ Conquest of England - 1066N
____ Trail - historic wagon routeO
Blaise ____ - mathematician and philosopherP
Valley of the ____ - Egyptian burial siteQ
____ Singh - founder of the Sikh empireR
Joseph ____- Soviet revolutionary and leaderS
Salem Witch ____ - 1692-1693T
____ by Thomas More - published 1516U
____ Program - NASA probes sent to MarsV
Elie ____ - author and human rights activistW
____ I - reigned over Persia 486–465 BCEX
____ Emperor - Ming China 1402–1424Y
Wu ____ - seventh century empressZ

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