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Can you name the missing words from these names and terms of the 20th century?

Quiz Updated Sep 1, 2014

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Idi ____A
Benazir ____B
____ Missile Crisis, 1962C
Camp ____ Accords, 1978D
Zhou ____E
____ Delano RooseveltF
____ MeirG
____ Chi MinhH
Spanish ____, 1918I
Battle of Iwo ____, 1945J
Ruhollah ____K
Battle of ____ Gulf, 1944L
____ Kemal AtatürkM
Jawaharlal ____N
____ Revolution, 1917O
Battle of Dien Bien ____, 1954P
____ Elizabeth IIQ
Khmer ____R
Anwar ____S
Josip Broz ____T
Mau Mau ____, 1952-60U
____ LeninV
____ Pact, 1955-91W
Deng ____X
Boris ____Y
Mao ____Z

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