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Can you name the Game of Thrones Characters organized by which season they died in/if they are still alive?

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Former Hand's Squire, unlucky jouster 
Hand of the King 
Winterfell Captain of the Guards 
Dothraki King 
Dothraki that fights his King 
Butcher's boy 
Wolf, Hand of the King 
Dothraki that fights with the Bear Knight 
Khal's horse 
Khaleesi's baby 
Stag King 
Septa at Winterfell 
'Dancing Master' from Braavos 
Gets a golden crown 
Crow Deserter 
Killed by the Kingslayer in his cell 
Killed by the many-faced-man before tattling 
Handmaid of Khaleesi, betrayed her 
Handmaid of Khaleesi 
Orphan mistaken for the King's bastard 
Maester of Dragonstone 
Maester of Winterfell 
Gave the imp his scar 
Onion Knight's son 
Bald dragon thief 
Crow who lost fingers on his fighting hand 
Khaleesi's Dothraki bodyguard 
Stag King 
Winterfell's Master at rms 
Khaleesi's horse 
Won't let Khaleesi into Qarth 
Torturer at Harrenhal 
Strangled by the Kinglayer 
Not-so-wealthiest man in Qarth 
Recruiter for the Night's Watch 
Wolf mother 
Wildling with daughter-wives 
Ironborn, kills Winterfell Maester 
Fish father 
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch 
Astapor slave-trader 
Captain of the Second Sons 
Warg with a bird 
Executed by King in the North for killing prisoners 
King in the North 
Redhead prostitute 
Queen in the North 
Burned alive by the Red Woman 
Knight turned fool 
Crow, held the gate against a giant 
Stag King 
Greenseer that gets seizures 
Crow that kills the incest Dad 
Chops of Kingslayer's hand 
Mentally unstable breastfeeder 
Prince of Dorne  
Picks his teeth with Needle 
Crow, shot with an arrow by Wildling girl 
Crow killed by Ghost 
Imp's lover 
Cannibal Wildling 
Lion Hand of the King 
Redhead wildling 
Best swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms 
Khaleesi's betrothed 
Commander of the City Watch turned Crow 
Wildling Spearwife at Hardhome 
Wildling raider that wears a skull as a helmet 
Maester at Castle Black 
Crow turned Wildling 
Pedophile Knight of the Kingsguard 
Kennel master's daughter, bastard's lover 
Blonde Stag Princess 
Stag Queen 
Stag Princess with greyscale 
Stag King 
Crow, lead mutiny against the bastard 
Dorne guard 
Iron King 
Fish Uncle 
Prince of Dorne 
Wolf bannerman, 2 fingers bitten off by wolf 
Barefoot Septon 
Cripple's carrier 
Lion Uncle 
Dothraki King 
Lion cousin turned Sparrow 
Child of the Forest 
Steward of the Twins, becomes a pie 
Flower Knight 
Flower Lord 
Maester at King's Landing 
Flower Queen 
Orphan Crow that kill's the bastard's lover 
Wildling that helps the wolf boys 
First Builder of the Night's Watch, part of mutiny  
Bastard of the Dreadfort 
Slave trader at Yunkai 
Wolf Brother 
Betrayed the wolves at the Red Wedding 
Septa at King's Landing 
Lord of the Last Hearth, killed by redhead Wildling 
Greenseer beyond the Wall 
Stag King 
Stag Princess' betrothed, Prince of Dorne 
Acolyte of the Faceless Men 
Lord of the Dreadfort's Wife 
Lord of the Crossing, ate a pie 
Wolf Crow that gets lost beyond the Wall 
Younger brother of the fat Crow 
Sand Snake 
Eldest Sand Snake 
Flower Grandmother 
Master of Coin 
Lord of Horn Hill, killed by Khaleesi for not bending the knee 
Red Priest 
Sand Snake kissed by Lion Queen 
Eyepatch, brought back to life 
Lion Queen 
Crow, Acting Lord Commander of the Night's Watch 
Iron King/Uncle 
Zombie Knight 
Lion Knight 
Bear Knight 
Bear Lady 
Maester at King's Landing 
Red Priestess 
Advisor and handmaiden of Khaleesi 
Killed by the Night King, pinned to a spiral symbol on wall 
Master of the White Walkers 
Burned Face, former Knight 
Iron Prince 
Eunuch, Master of Whisperers 
Wolf Daughter 
Warg, Raven, Wolf 
Lady Knight 
Lieutenant in Second Sons, lover of Khalees 
Dragon Queen 
Stag Hand of the King 
Stag Blacksmith turned Lord 
Wildling mother 
Unsullied leader 
Father of dead greenseer, friend of wolf father 
Magister of Pentos, gave Khaleesi dragon eggs 
Many Faced Man 
Red Priestess 
Maester at the Dreadfort/Winterfell 
Greenseer's sister 
Squire of the Lady Knight 
Lord of Deepwood Motte, did not fight in Great War 
Lord of the Eyrie, loves the Moon Door 
Bride at the Red Wedding 
Wildling Baby 
Fat crow, can cure greyscale 
Wolf Lady 
Redhead wildling, drank giant's milk 
Iron Bank representative 
Lion, Dragon Hand of the Queen 
Iron Queen 
Lord of Runestone, fosters the Lord of the Eyrie 
Groom at the Red Wedding 
Viper's Lover 
Religious leader that visits the brothel 
Royal Executioner 
Elderly storyteller at Winterfell 
Male prostitute, Flower Knight's lover 
Died in Flashback or Robert's Rebellion
Dragon King 
Dornish, Greatest Knight who ever lived 
Wolf Brother 
Snake wife of Dragon Prince 
Wolf Queen 
Dragon Prince 
Dragon Queen 
Wolf Father 

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