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Who are the bros
Whats jojos squad called?
Who are the twinnies
Which Zieglar was in the Sia videos
Who used to be on a swim team?
Which girl sings it's a girl party
Which girl sings wear em out?
Who won the solo Maddie or Brynn
Who was the lead in the Matty B video?
Who quit to do cheerleading and came back?
Who was on Austin and Ally?
Who broke her foot doing a back tuck?
Which Zieglar won going head to head with solos?
Who did the solo Electricity
Who left after season 4 Nationals?
Who sings star in your own life?
Who did the solo Sink or Swim
Who performed at the 2015 Grammy's?
Who broke her foot in the dressing room?
Which girl sings Summer Love?

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