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Can you name the Kingdom Hearts worlds by the areas you want to be near so you don't lose progress?

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Save Point AreasWorlds
*Awakening, *Seaside Shack
Gummi Hanger, Library, The Hall of the Cornerstone
Training Yard(Sora), Green Room(Riku), Tower Road(Sora), Grand Lobby, Mont Saint-Michel(Sora)
Control Room, Machinery Bay Access, Turo Transporter(Terra/Aqua)
Vestibule/[World's] Gates, Underworld Entrance, Inner Chamber, The Lock
Aladdin's House, Storage, Dark Chamber, *Treasure Room
Gate to the Dark, Giant Crevasse, World Terminus, Final Rest
Bamboo Grove, Village, Throne Room
Undersea Courtyard
Bridge, Docks, City, Rectifier 2F, Portal Stairs(Riku)
Rising Falls, Waterway, Library, Castle Chapel
Palace Courtyard(Aqua/Terra), The Chateau(Aqua/Terra), Antechamber(Terra), Cinderella's Room(Ventus)
Amusement Park, Windway Up, Ocean Depths
Merlin's House, Postern, Ansem's Study, Crystal Fissure
Mouth, Chamber 4
Cornerstone Hill
Rampart, *The Intercepter, Isle de Muerta: Rock Face, The Black Pearl, Ship Graveyard
Mouth, Belly, Cavity
Tranquil Grotto, Triton's Throne, Cavern Nook
Dr. Finkelstein's Lab, Yuletide Hill, Santa's House
Aurora's Chamber(Terra/Ventus), Forest Clearing, Dungeon Cell(Aqua)
Chamber, Golden Wood(Riku), Glen(Sora), Snowgleam Wood(Riku)
Peter's Hideout, Gully, Cove(Ventus/Terra)
Save Point AreasWorlds
Pit Cell, I/O Tower: Communication's Room, Central Computer Mesa
Accessory Shop, *Green Room, Magician's Study
Alley to Between, The Brink of Despair, Twilight's View, Proof of Existence, The Alter of Naught
The Usual Spot, Central Station, Sunset Station, The White Room, Computer Room, Tower: Entryway, Tower: Sorcerer's Loft
Magic Mirror Chamber(Terra/Aqua), Courtyard(Terra/Aqua), Cottage Clearing(Ventus/Aqua), Mine Entrance(Ventus)
Bell Tower, Town, Graveyard Gate(Sora), Windmill(Riku), Court of Miracles(Sora)
Sorcerer's Chamber
Avenue to Dreams, Nightmarish Abyss
Fissure, Badlands
Rabbit Hole, Queen's Castle
Empty Room/The Peddler's Shop, Palace Walls, The Cave of Wonders: Stone Guardians, The Cave of Wonders: Chasm of Challenges, Ruined Chamber
Main Plaza
#F Entrance Hall, B#F Entrance Hall(Riku), Fields(Sora), Moment's Reprieve, Conqueror's Respite
Parlor, Belle's Room, Dungeon, The Beast's Room
Tunnel, Vines, Tent
Stone Hollow, Gorge, Oasis
Guillotine Gate, *Evil Playroom
First District, Post Office(Sora), Back Streets(Riku), Fourth District
Front Doors(Aqua/Ventus), Castle Town, Entryway(Terra/Ventus)
[World's Name]
Hold, (*)Cabin, **Clock Tower
Delusive Beginning, Walk of Delusions, Verge of Chaos, Memory's Skyscraper

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