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Of couse you're not, but can you name the famous real or fictional people who were?

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EpisodePersonFrom and/or Year
Hooked on a CeilingVatican 1512
No Pain, No PaintingParis 1905
Moby or Not MobyOpen Ocean
Baloney and KidsTV Studio in Texas
Temporary Insanity; JokahontasSydney, Australia
Hot, Bothered and BedeviledRealm of Hades
Nothing but the Tooth Russia 1916
Four Score and Seven Migraines AgoWashington D.C. 1863
Magic TimeLas Vegas, Nevada 1998
Baghdad CafeBaghdad, Iraq
The Ballad of [Person's Name]Portugal 1519-1521
[Person's Name] UnwoundThebes, Greece
AcquaintancesNew York City
AcquaintancesNew York City
EpisodePersonFrom and/or Year
From Burbank with LoveGreat Britain
Papers for PappaKey West, Florida
The Warner's 65th Anniversary Special Great Britain 1945
Valuable LessonHunnic Empire
Cookies for [Person's name]Bern, Switzerland 1905
Star TruckSpace (The Final Frontier)
The Warner's 65th Anniversary Special Washington D.C. 1945
Wally LlamaHimalayan Mountains
Meatballs and ConsequencesAfterlife
The Warner's 65th Anniversary Special Soviet Union 1945
Deduces WildLondon
Windsor HassleEngland 1992
Draculee, [Person's Name]aTransylvania
Roll Over, [Person's Name]Vienna 1811

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