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Can you name the words in the 5- letter word ladder(left) and in the 4-Letter word ladder(right)?

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HintsWord Ladders
♪ Singing chipmunk wearing red ♪
Jones of John Coltrane Quartet
Costello with album 'My Aim is True'
Makes toys in a workshop up north
Overhanging lower edges of roofs
What surfers need to surf other than a board
King Henry VIII had six
Getting a 1-up in a video games earns you more of these
Green citrus friuts
Threshold of physiological or psychological response
Spanish for yellow citrus fruit
♪ Singing chipmunk wearing blue ♪
HintsWord Ladders
♪ Singing chipmunk wearing green (first half) ♪
Every now and _____
Person older than 12 and younger than 20
short sleeved shirts for short
The best numbers judges can give to a competitor
Lays under UV lights
Having a stable and healthy mind
To rescue from danger
♪ Adoptive father Seville ♪
Truth or _____
♪ Singing chipmunk wearing green (second half) ♪

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