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Can you fill in the missing 4-letter words in this word ladder like series of thoughts?

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Thought4-Letter Word
Okay, I need to make a quiz people ______ want to play until they are [Rung 22].
I don't want to make the words too hard that players will bang their head against a _______ to get the answer.
But I shouldn't make it too easy. Like should I do ______ Disney or ______ Whitman?
Great now there's the cliché [Rung 3] to ______ a kind of milkshake.
Ugh, I just _____ under the pressure trying to make a good word ladder. It is just for fun anyway.
I think ______ means to blend, or is that US-centric. Should I put something in for people in the UK too?
Everyone knows about the alcoholic beverage ______ right?
Hmm, the clues shouldn't be too long for people to ______. Whoops too late for that.
I need some pop culture clues like 'Stanford and Son's _____ Foxx.'
Now how about an archaic word like ______ meaning advice or counsel. I think people like those kind of clues.
I must not ______ the bandwagon of overused hints.
I make sure not to ______ my creativity and originality when I make my quizzes.
I just don't understand the _____ some quizzes get and why other quizzes can't do that. (Wait is everything spelled right?)
It has nothing to do with not being a famous quiz maker, but I _____ someone knows the answer.
Stop that, if I continue to ______ around and be negative this quiz is going to be terrible.
What if someone rates but doesn't comment. I would like some ______ feedback
I just want to make a quiz that is not a total ______.
From avoiding bungs, to spelling errors, I want to get to the _____ of how to make a good quiz.
What am I saying. There are plenty of creators out there that just want to make a random quiz and don't ______ who plays or not.
How _____ I think such negative thoughts about hard working quiz makers.
Now to throw in random word like ______ which are group of mountains in central France. Yeah Geography!
Well, I'm _____ making this quiz and [Rung 1] go on to make a better one with an actual purpose.

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