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Can you fill in the missing 4-letter words in this word ladder like series of thoughts?

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Thought4-Letter Word
To start quiz I have to push the _____ [Rung 18] button, alright.
Huh, the instructions were vague. What is supposed to be the _____ for this quiz?
What am I trying to do, I am starting to not be a _____ of this quiz.
Hey, that last word is spelled wrong. I can make a better quiz _____ this.
Ugh, my patience is wearing ______. I am going to skip around now. Nope, still makes no sense.
Who makes a quiz like ______! It doesn't even test my knowledge!
Give me a question like, 'The protagonist of Divergent is _____.'
Or '_____ is 3 in Spanish.'
Just something that _____ any of the words into a theme.
Now it's the usual three letter words with an 's'. Please someone, give _____ on how to make a good word ladder.
Why am I doing this quiz, it's not the ______ of quiz I do for fun.
Another word spelled wrong. These newbies are ______ for the picking.
This quiz is really starting to ______ me up.
Wait this rung is not the _____ word either!
Should I even ______ this quiz if words are spelled incorrectly?
Why am I still typing, is it too _____ to stop?
Wow, this was pretty _____ but I am almost finished.
Well, I'm done. I need to [Rung 1] a different ______.

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