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to put or arrange in alphabetical order
to influence, control, or direct completely as by personal charm, words, or domination; also a System of a Down album
to compel by fascination; also a System of a Down album
to torment with the sight of the sight of something desired but out of reach
to associate cordially or intimately with
to grasp or understand clearly; to dawn on
to have marked with one's initials or name; to make one's own
to startle into sudden activity, or stimulate; also a Chemical Brothers song
to identify as something or someone previously seen
to describe the character or individual quality of
to make effeminate; Britney Spears doesn't quite like guys that do this
to bring out of a savage, rude, or uneducated state
'I'm sorry dude.'
Farmers use manure when they do this.
**** and Roeper's calling in life is to do this
To exile
Many people would like to do this for marijuana
What Cap'n Crunch will do for you
to form by combining parts
to ascribe human form to or attributes to an animal, plant, or other inanimate object

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