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Can you name the type of figurative language??

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Boom Bang Pow
A huge horrible hippo
The tornado ran through the town
Not the brightest crayon in the box
Her skin is as soft as a baby's butt
A lightbulb represents knowledge
Their team is on fire
She died of thirst in the ocean
The bee buzzed around the porch
The rose showed his love her her
Couch potato
Uses the words like or as
Choking to deat on a life saver
An extreme exaggeration
The car is a rocketship
The carpet is as green as grass
The tree howled with laughter
A word that sounds the way it is said
Rug rat
Repetition of sounds in a word
Tears ran down his face
The firefighter set off the fire alarm
Let's give Dave a hand
Boom went the dynamite
Miles melted marshmallows in the mud

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