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Ultimate facts quiz about Mamma Mia! The Movie

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Played by?
Played by?
Possible father #1
Played by?
Possible father #2
Played by?
Possible father #3
Played by?
Mother's best friend #1
Played by?
Mother's best friend #2
Played by?
Played by?
Daugher's Bridesmaid #1
Daughter's Bridesmaid #2
Movie directed by?
Based on the music of
Song played while daughter mails letters?
Song played while daughter reads mother's diary?
Song played when mother talks about her finances?
Song mother hums while working?
Song played when mother discovers her old flames?
Song played when mother confides in best friends?
Song played when best friends rally mother's spirits?
Song played when mother's old flames reminisce about their relationships?
Song sung by mother at bride-to-be's hen party?
Song sung by daughter's friends while she is talking to her possible fathers?
Song played just before daughter faints?
Song best friend #1 sings to her younger 'lover' on a beach?
Song mother sings while daughter gets ready for wedding?
Song mother sings to Possible father #1
Daughter walks down the aisle to this song?
Song played while possible father #1 proposes to mother
Song mother's husband sings at the reception?
Best friend #2 sings this to possible father #3?
Song played during the principal credits?
Song played over main credits?
Song recorded but cut from the movie?
Name of the island the story is set on?
Name of possible dad #2's mentioned book?
Name of best friend #2's mentioned book?
What country's flag is possible father #3 flying from his boat?
How many times has best friend #1 been married?
Which school does bridesmaid #1 support on her shirt?
Which band does best friend #2 support on her shirt?

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