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Can you name the facts about Ireland?

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Official Name
Official Languages
Flag colours
Official symbol
Official date of Independence
Taoiseach (Prime Minister)
First President
First female President
First Taoiseach
House of Parliament
Official Presedential residence
Patron saint
National Holiday
Dominant religion
Number of counties (officially)
Largest county
Smallest county
Largest Island
Oldest university
Number of times Ireland has won the Eurovision (Europe-wide song contest)
Popular dry stout originating here?
Name of the world's most-capped rugby player, originating in this country?
Famous Neolithic tomb
Famous 9th century Gospel book
Nobel Literature Prize-winning poet
'The Importance of Being Earnest' writer born here
'James Bond' actor born here
'Harry Potter' actor born here
'Harry Potter' actress born here
'Atonement' actress born here
Famous rock band originating here
'Boomtown Rats' frontman born here
Famous chat-show host born here

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