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QUIZ: Can you name the high-end fashion brands?

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Italian fashion house founded by Giorgio?
British luxury fashion house, designers of the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown?
American fashion label founded by Mark and James?
French fashion house founded by Cristobal B?
French fashion house founded by Pierre?
Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand?
British luxury fashion house famed for it's distinctive tartan pattern?
Venezuelan-American designer, famous for clothing First Ladies of the USA?
French luxury fashion brand of whom Marco Gobbetti is president?
French high fashion house, creators of the LBD?
French fashion house founded by Gaby Aghion?
French designer most noted for red-soled shoes?
Belgian born designer famed for her iconic wrap dress?
French fashion house founded in 1952, at one point YSL was artistic director?
New York-based fashion house founded in 1984 by Donna?
Beauty brand whose salons always have red doors, beginning with the flagship 5th Avenue store in New York?
Italian fashion label, famed for kaleidoscopic prints?
Italian luxury fashion house whose logo compromises of two F's, one upside down?
French haute couture brand founded by Hubert?
Italian fashion brand founded by Guccio?
American upscale clothing brand founded by brothers Paul and Maurice?
French manufacturer since 1837, whose logo is a Duc carriage with horse?
Fashion brand created by Austrian founder Helmut?
Hint Answer
German high fashion house based in Metzingen?
French fashion house originally called Twen?
Designer famed for creating Madonna's cone bra for her 'Blond Ambition' world tour in 1990?
British high fashion brand particularly famed for shoes?
French cosmetics house who gave the world the iconic Tresor perfume?
French fashion house founded by Jeanne?
British luxury fashion brand whose patent nude courts are favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge?
French fashion house founded in 1854, popular for its monogrammed design?
High-end fashion brand founded in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig?
American fashion designer whose eponymous label is M_ _ _ J_ _ _ _ _ _?
Italian fashion house established in 1951 by Achille Maramotti?
American designer label, particularly famed for handbags?
High fashion brand under the Prada label?
British high fashion brand founded by mother and son Roger and Joan in 1971?
Fashion house founded by Maria and son Robert in Paris in 1932?
American fashion designer of Chinese descent whose label is 3.1?
Famous milliner of Irish origins, based in London and favoured by celebrities for hat designs?
Fashion house worn by the devil, according to a 2003 novel?
American fashion corporation whose logo is a polo horse and rider?
Designer popularised for her haute couture bridal gowns?
Designer popularised for bringing punk style to mainstream audiences?
Armenian-born designer, first head of Dior before moving on to create his own label?

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